To improve integration and engagement of our global talent, Walmart’s Corporate Affairs department commissioned a local public affairs and performance management agency, Grandslam Performance Associates LLC, to help shape and launch a regional strategy.

The initial step taken was a discovery meeting held in late April 2013 where approximately 50 community leaders (mayors, business executives, NWA Council, Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, Migration Policy Institute, US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, Jones Trust, public school administrators, higher education administrators, and members from the three constituents groups mentioned above) convened to learn more about the population growth trends, the shifting of demographics within the population growth trends, and the implications of these trends to the integration and engagement of all newcomers. The outcomes of this all-day strategic discussion included the following:

  1. Alignment on the need for a common vision for our regional community. The vision shaped by the group of community leaders was the following: “For NWA to be a Community of Engaged Global Talent.”
  2. The need for a region-wide strategy tasked with advising and coordinating efforts employed by the community infrastructure (non-profits, business, public school systems, higher education agencies, chambers of commerce, etc.) in the outreach, integration, and engagement of the region’s newcomers and diverse constituents.
  3. Retain Grandslam Performance Associates, LLC to oversee and manage the launch of a region-wide strategy known as the EngageNWA Partnership.